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Taptelligence is the consultancy service from Duncan Kimpton

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About the navigation

The attentive browser may have noticed the white bars with black arrows next to the major navigation links on the site. If you are wondering what they are and why they change read on.

The Taptelligence web site is laid out on a two dimensional map much like the map of a city with each major section being a district and each page a building.

The arrows next to the navigation links dynamically adjust to point to the map location corresponding to the page pointed to.

In this way I hope to instil a sense of spatial awareness in the reader of the site and improve the accessibility of the information.

This is just one of the ways Taptelligence is striving to push the frontiers of emotional and sub-conscious understanding.

If you have any thoughts on this concept please do drop me a line.

Duncan Kimpton

Taptelligence is the consultancy service from Duncan Kimpton, an experienced software developer with over a decade of programming experience.

My goal is to bring quality functional design to the scientific world enabling scientists to work faster, happier, and with more success.